Ener-Ox HC

HCl Acid Replacement

Ener-Ox HC is a powerful yet completely safe non-corrosive to skin acid replacement cleaner for removal of stubborn water scale, scum, rust stains and oxidation. As with most products that remove scale, there exists corrosive vapours, however Ener-Ox HC has absolutely no harsh fumes making it safe as well as biodegradable.

Ener-Ox HC cleans stainless steel, terrazzo, quarry tiles, aluminum, copper, brass, concrete and brick.


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Ener-Ox HF

HF Replacement

Ener-Ox HF is a powerful yet completely biodegradable, safe non-corrosive All Purpose industrial Hydroflouric acid replacement cleaner used in the oil and gas industry for removal of tough water and silica scale, organic soil and rust stains. Unlike other products that remove scale which cause dangerous corrosive vapours.

Ener-OX HF has no harsh fumes making it very safe to use and does not exhibit any of the undesirable properties and hazards of Hydrofluoric or Hydroflousilic Acids.


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